Philanthropy Cruises – Putting the FUN back in fundraising


With Summer is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to speak with non-profits about putting together a group fundraiser. Join us tomorrow on Travel Talk as we chat about Philanthropy Cruises and how we LOVE working with Carnival Cruise Line.  Listen Here

Philanthropy Cruises launched from a desire to combine the passion of philanthropy, travel and social media with a Travel-preneur’s existing business. Travel Talk Radio hosts, Dawn Barraco, Doreen Wong and Jake Culbertson learned they could support the causes they had a Heart for while helping people take amazing vacations, thus “Turning Vacations into Donations for Worthy Causes”.

Getting Started is Easy…

• Select a destination, length and cruise date

• Contact a Philanthropy Cruise Ambassador to see which sailings qualify

• Work with your Philanthropy Cruise Ambassador to develop a marketing and outreach plan to promote your fundraising cruise.

How to Make a Career as a Cruise Host

13087580_931425140313300_4143378942338728221_nWho’s ready to learn how to become a Cruise Host Professional?   Listen Here

Two-time author and Travelpreneur, CarolLee Miles visits Travel Talk this week to share how to become a Cruise Host professional and her new book, “A Chosen Career in Cruise Hosting”.

The travel industry can be an exciting profession especially when you get paid to go on cruises for a living!

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The Benefits of Groups and Tours

12928328_920598174729330_4824183976465136241_nTravel Agent Regina Loustalet joins Travel Talk next week to discuss the benefits of group and tours. Self-Booking is great but there are definitely some perks to joining a tour group.  Listen Here

Special Guest: Ruth Culbertson

If you are thinking, “Hmm…that name sounds familiar?” You would be correct, host Jake Culbertson’s mom will be joining us!

Probably one of the biggest decisions you will make when booking your vacation after you have determined your destination, is whether to join an organized tour or explore independently. Travel Agent Regina Loustalet joins Travel Talk next week to discuss the benefits of group and tours. Self-Booking is great but there are definitely some perks to joining a tour group.


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Passport Information: What you need to know before you travel

Summer vacation bookings have begun!

As travel agents, we have noticed an increase in questions around passports. Some of the common questions we have been asked are:

  • What is the difference between the booklet and card?
  • Do small children need a passport?
  • If we are driving from the United States into Canada or Mexico, what documentation will we need to provide?
  • Do we need a passport if we are going on a cruise?

Today’s Travel Talk we hope to answer these questions and more.  Listen Here

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Benefits of Booking with a Travel Agent

The internet is full of self-service travel booking engines like Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak that allows those of us with a wanderlust spirit to book our next vacation with a few clicks of a mouse. Listen Here

On today’s show we want to explore the benefits of booking a vacation through a trained and certified travel agent.

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Princess Cruises – Certified Experts Academy

CaptureAs travel agents, ongoing training is key to successfully selling a particular destination. Many travel vendors offer specialist and certified expert academies.  Listen Here

Princess Cruises offers an extensive online training academy where agents learn all about the Princess fleet, destinations, mission and values. Upon completion, Princess rewards agents with a complimentary graduation cruise for the agent and a guest.

Congratulations you have completed your Commodore Training from Princess Cruises!! Now what?!?!

The Travel Talks Hosts Dawn, Doreen and Jake share their experience with…

  • How to Earn Your Commodore
  • How to Book Your Graduation Cruise
  • The Benefits/ Perks of Being a Commodore
  • What to Expect on Your Graduation Cruise

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How to Grow Your Client Base

11937433_901211543334660_2031213569365322397_nWith Spring Break upon us, Carolyn Walker Parrish is returning to Travel Talk to share “How to Grow Your Client Base” and build a 6-figure travel business.  Listen Here

Learn how Carolyn Walker Parrish grew her travel business from $250,000 in 2014 to $400,000 in 2015.Carolyn will be sharing tips and strategies for growing your client base

Every Travel Agent/Travelpreneur will want to listen to this show!

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