Philanthropy Cruises


Philanthropy Cruises launched from a desire to combine the passion of philanthropy, travel and social media with a Travel-preneur’s existing business. Travel Talk Radio hosts, Dawn Barraco, Doreen Wong and Jake Culbertson learned they could support the causes they had a Heart for while helping people take amazing vacations, thus “Turning Vacations into Donations for Worthy Causes”.

Getting Started is Easy…
• Select a destination, length and cruise date
• Contact a Philanthropy Cruise Ambassador to see which sailings qualify
• Work with your Philanthropy Cruise Ambassador to develop a marketing and outreach plan to promote your fundraising cruise.

The benefits of the Philanthropy Cruise are:
  • No out of pocket start up costs for the nonprofit
  • Less time and effort to organize than a traditional fundraiser
  • Limited use of staff time as we the ambassadors are all travel agents and will handle the details
  • Potential access to new donors
  • Cruises are AFFORDABLE – it includes your lodging and food
    • Most cruise lines offer payments allowing passengers to pay off their entire vacation over the course of months
    • Potential to earn free guest fares

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